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What is the typical weekend exercise?

Trafford Council is committed to adopting a new approach to work more closely with other services within Trafford Borough to understand how more effective prevention initiatives and early interventions can reduce demands placed on all services in the long term to provide a more efficient and effective service to customers.

The purpose of the Typical Weekend exercise is to obtain a better understanding of the current demands placed on services. By studying the responses received and by using some of your information, it will help to inform us of how parts of the system might be redesigned or delivered differently in the future, in order to improve the outcomes for customers, service staff and partners.

The overall vision is to improve the customer’s experience by better meeting their needs when accessing certain services within Trafford Borough. Through discussions with key Public Services in Trafford, we have identified the following priority areas that we wish to review to improve service delivery:

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Mental health
  • ASB/Nuisance behaviour
  • Issues caused by social isolation
  • Missing from home
  • Frail and elderly
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Timely discharge with appropriate home care/residential
  • Access to pharmacy / medication and or access to emergency medical care (A&E)
  • Emergency housing repairs

To review the areas listed above, the following Partners and Services have agreed to participate in the “Typical Weekend” exercise:

  • Trafford Council 
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
  • Greater Manchester West Mental Health Foundation Trust 
  • Pennine Care 
  • Housing Options Service Trafford, (HOST)
  • National Probation Service
  • Community Rehabilitation Company
  • UHSM FT – Wythenshawe A&E only
  • Trafford General Emergency Care Centre
  • Altrincham Walk-In Centre
  • Out of Hours GP services
  • Commissioned services e.g. Drugs/alcohol, Domestic Abuse
  • Housing Providers: THT, Your Housing and Irwell Valley
  • Voluntary and Community and Social Enterprise Sector providers relevant to the themes e.g. TDAS, Phoenix Futures, Victim Support
  • North West Ambulance Service
  • Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Trafford Outreach Service 
  • Trafford Care Coordination Centre

Delivery of the exercise

The “Typical Weekend” data gathering project will be taking place from 30th June 2016 to 4th July 2016. The overall delivery of the exercise will be managed by Trafford Council. However, all of the partners and services named above are Joint Data Controllers. This means that for the purposes of the Data Protection Act, they are responsible for the personal information collected, shared and used for the purposes of the exercise.

To enable the partners listed above to share information collected for the purpose of the “Typical Weekend” project, customers accessing the relevant services provided by the involved partners will be asked if they will consent to share their information between the partners involved.

The information which it is proposed to share is detailed below.

How will information collected be used?

Information will be collected about how the staff and customers think and feel about the services they have provided and received, along with statistical information. This will all be analysed to review the services delivered over the “Typical Weekend”.

Specially trained staff will be used to collect information from staff and customers. Where these staff engage with any customers, either during the observed practice in designated work places, or at a later date, each customer will be asked to complete a brief survey which does not require them to give any personal data.

To improve the quality of the work undertaken, all service users spoken to will be asked to give consent to provide personal information which can be shared amongst the participating partners. This will allow a view of the customer’s journey to be created. This will allow a better understanding of a customer’s experience of navigating services across Trafford both prior to and after the “Typical Weekend”. This will be used to identify duplication and barriers which affect the overall outcome for the customer. This process will only be undertaken with the consent of the customer.

There are five approaches that will be used to analyse the data:

1. Review of anonymised data

Statistical information in relation to the services in the priority areas listed above will be gathered and assessed over a 12 month period starting from 1st April 2015 up until the typical weekend period of 30th June 2016 to 4th July 2016. Trafford Council data analysts will review this data to assess volumes and frequencies of demand and how typical the chosen “Typical Weekend” is when compared with a longer period of time. The data submitted for review from each service will be in an anonymised format. This means that no personal identifiable information about individuals will be submitted to the data analysts for review.

2. Observed practice (in the designated work places)

  1. A short questionnaire will be completed by service staff during the “Typical Weekend” project period. The information will be used to evaluate the staff member’s experience of dealing with an issue that would fall within the previously listed priority areas of the exercise. This will be done to get an inside view of how the ‘system’ works.
  2. Where possible, a specially trained observer will ‘debrief staff’ after they have dealt with an issue that would fall within the project, either at the time or at the end of the shift.

No personally identifiable information about individuals will be collected as part of these questionnaires or interviews.

3. Customer engagement (during contact with a service)

  1. When contacting some specific services, customers will be asked if they would like to agree to a short discussion and to completing a questionnaire about the service they have used. The information provided will help to evaluate their personal experience of the service they received.
  2. Customers will be asked at this time to consent to their personally identifiable information being shared with partners involved in the exercise to inform a view of the customer’s journey. A possible follow up discussion with the customer may be requested at a convenient future date.

4. Service user engagement (after the typical weekend)

Staff in the services involved may identify a customer that would be willing to be contacted at a later date and they will obtain consent from the customer to share their personally identifiable information with the Services identified so that this follow up contact can take place. If this occurs the same process as identified in 3 above will be followed.


Being able to measure services that are provided is central to improving service quality and accountability. This is the reason this project is being carried out. Taking part in the service evaluation process as has already been stated will be subject to the customer consenting for their information to be used for this purpose. This evaluation process will not be used to make any decisions about individuals; it will only be used for improving Trafford Borough service quality, effectiveness and delivery.

The outcome of the evaluation may be included in internal reports for Trafford Council and the Council’s partners in this exercise. It may also be included in publicly accessible reports. This information is anonymised and numerical. No individuals will therefore be able to be identified from any of the information used or published in this way.

Each customer taking part in the Project will able to withhold consent for the evaluation purpose and their personally identifiable information will be excluded from the evaluation process. By doing this it will have no effect on the service they receive. 

General information

Trafford Council and the partners in this exercise will share personal information only for the reasons set out above, unless the law requires or permits us to share it for another reason, or for example, this is necessary to protect individuals or others from harm. 

Trafford Council will ensure your information will be handled securely, strictly on a need to know basis only by those specifically authorised to do so and will not be kept no longer than necessary.

Your rights

The Data Protection Act 1998 ensures that individuals have rights to know about how their information is used and what is held about them. For more details about the full extent of your rights, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Individuals may also ask the Trafford Council to consider any objections they may have to the processing of their personal information, including processing for service evaluation purposes.

Any individual has the right to ask Trafford Council for personal information held about them and details of how to do this can be found in our Trafford Council Privacy Policy.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

Trafford Council may amend this Privacy Notice from time to time. If we make substantial changes in the way we use your personal information we will make that information available by amending this notice.

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