Pestport scheme

Join our scheme and protect yourself against pests

Trafford residents can cover themselves against expensive pest control treatments. For a small annual fee you can receive treatment or advisory visits for up to 3 separate pest infestations.

Even if you get only one pest problem you could still save on the standard cost of treatment.

Trafford residents can cover themselves against paying full-price for pest control treatments. Purchase of the Pestport covers the household for up to 3 pest control treatments (separate infestations) and is still cheaper than the cost of a single treatment.  

Compare the price of treatments for households which don’t take advantage of the pre-paid Pestport.

Please note: The Pestport is designed as an insurance scheme for unforeseen pest infestations, not infestations already present.  Therefore, there is a four-week waiting period, after payment, before any treatments can be booked.  If you want to book treatment for a current infestation you can do it online or by ringing 0161 912 2000.

How to Join or Renew your Pestport

You can join or renew your Pestport:

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