Inspection and Regulation

There are a wide variety of industrial processes operating within Trafford Borough, some of which have the potential to cause air pollution. These processes are controlled under Part 1 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, by Trafford Council.  Schedule 1, Part 2 of The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 (EP Regulations) details regulated activities which require an environmental permit.

Other more potentially polluting industrial processes are regulated by the Environment Agency under their permitting scheme.

Over 50 industrial processes come under the jurisdiction of Trafford Council including combustion processes, cement processes, vehicle re-spraying and vapour recovery at petrol stations. The Environmental Protection Team work together with local industries to ensure that pollutants are reduced and controlled to protect the health of the residents.

All prescribed processes are required to apply to Trafford Council for a permit.  This application must contain a list of prescribed substances (and non-prescribed substances which might cause harm if released to the environment) to be used in connection with, or resulting from the process. The application must also contain a description of techniques to be used for preventing or minimising the release of prescribed substances and rendering harmless any which are released. There should also be proposals for monitoring, sampling and measurement of air emissions.

The applications have to be advertised and there is an opportunity for Public Consultation in addition to statutory consultees. Permits which are granted have pollution mitigations conditions attached, details are kept on a public register at Trafford Town Hall.

The Environmental Protection Team regularly inspect premises which are permitted and review information on the emissions from the premises.