Christmas tree recycling

Real Christmas trees can be recycled after you have finished using them. It can be recycled into compost, just like your food and garden waste.

How to recycle your real Christmas tree

To improve the health and safety of our waste collection operatives, we no longer collect trees presented beside your green bin.

Put your real Christmas tree in your green bin

  • Remove all the decorations, base or support blocks. You can put the base or support blocks in your grey bin
  • Chop your Christmas tree into small, manageable pieces
  • Place your chopped real tree into the green bin. Ensure the lid of your bin closes

Over the festive period some bin collections will change so please check your calendar. You can also find details on the Christmas changes page.

Take your real Christmas tree to a collection point

If you cannot place your tree in your green bin, you can take it to a collection point. Collection points are open from Monday 2 January until Monday 16 January. You can drop your real tree at the following locations:

A designated area will be cordoned off in each of the listed locations. Ensure you have removed all the decorations, base or support blocks before taking your tree to a collection point.

We will start collecting trees from Saturday 7 January. The last collection day is Saturday 21 January. Any trees left after this date will be classed as fly-tipping; this is an offence which can lead to a fine. 

Take your Christmas tree to your local recycling centre

You can take your real Christmas to a recycling centre. Visit Recycle for Greater Manchester to find your nearest recycling centre. You can also dispose of your artificial tree at the recycling centre in the general waste.