Coronavirus (COVID-19): important information about your bin collections

The Coronavirus continues to impact on collections and our ability to provide a full waste and recycling service.

Please bear with us at this time. We are doing everything possible to maintain the service as best we can.

The information is reviewed daily so may change at short notice.

Green bin collections

  • We are temporarily collecting green bins every two weeks.
  • We’ll try and empty as many green bins as possible, but we cannot guaranteed that we will collect them all.
  • If we are unable to empty your green bin, please report it within two working days of when it should have been collected. Report it online, or call 03330 035865.
  • After you have logged it, please leave your bin out and we will empty it as soon as possible.
  • Only green bins which were missed from 18 May onwards can be logged. Green bins which were not collected before this date cannot be logged.
  • Green bins should be presented for collection on your scheduled recycling bin day only. Please do not present your green bin on your scheduled grey bin day.

Please follow the advice below:

Advice on collections

  • Place your scheduled blue, black or grey bins out for collection as normal by 6.30am on your usual collection day - check your bin collection calendar.
  • On your scheduled grey bin day - only put out your grey bin for collection.
  • On your recycling bin day - put out your scheduled recycling bin (black or blue) and your green bin / green street caddy.
  • If you have more than one green bin, we will only empty a maximum of two green bins presented for collection per household.
  • We will try our best to empty your green bin or green street caddy. However should we not collect your green bin or caddy please report it. We aim to return within 1 working day. However it may take us longer than normal to return for missed bin. Please bear with us at this time. We are doing everything possible to maintain the service as best we can.
  • Please put all your food and garden waste in your green bin.
  • With our resources stretched, any waste that is left to the side or on top of your bins will not be accepted.
  • You can contact us to report a missed collection of your green, blue, black and grey bins. Please report missed bins within two working days of when they should have been collected.

Other waste services

Bulky collections

Bulky collections are now taking place. The coronavirus has had an impact on our bulky collection service, which means we are currently unable to carry out assisted collections.

All collections will be contact free. This means that the items must be in an accessible place outside of your property, e.g. a driveway or back yard, so that we can collect them without contact with the householder. If items are not accessible we will not be able to collect them.

Visit our bulky waste page. Book your bulky collection at

Do not fly-tip your extra waste

If you see fly-tipping you should report it online or call 03330 035865.

New bin deliveries

We are still delivering all new bin requests, and are prioritising grey bins for delivery. There is a delay on all other waste containers.

You should book and pay for your new bin online. We are not able to take payments over the phone.

The delivery of new grey bins is being prioritised to those who need a new or replacement bin or those who meet the criteria for a larger bin (either due to illness or because they have five or more permanent residents living at the address).

Hints and tips

  • Minimise your waste as much as possible by avoiding doing any large DIY projects or decluttering. Where possible, store your unwanted items in a safe place either in a garage or shed. Make sure you do not block any fire escapes.
  • Saving space in your bins is particularly important at this time. You can help by:
    • Squeezing air out of plastic bags.
    • Flattening or squashing your rubbish and recycling.
  • If you already compost at home, continue to use your compost bin.
  • Try home composting to help you reduce your waste. Visit our home composting advice page for hints and tips.
  • Where possible, avoid gardening or cutting the grass unless you have a compost bin / compost heap.
  • Consider reducing your food waste by cooking with your leftovers. Discover tasty recipes at