Garden waste collections are changing

The way we collect garden waste is changing.

From Monday 3 June onwards, garden waste collections will become a free service. You will no longer need to pay an annual fee to have your garden waste collected. In the meantime, we will continue to only collect garden waste from green bins with a valid permit. No refunds are possible.

Existing 2018/19 permit holders

The 2018/19 permit is still valid and will expire on 2 June 2019. During this time, garden waste will continue to only be collected from green bins with a valid permit. From Monday 3 June, all green bins containing garden waste will be collected for free. 

Don’t have a permit?

If you don’t have a garden waste subscription, you must wait until your collection day week of 3 June before presenting your green bin with garden waste for collection.  

If you have a green caddy instead of a green bin, we will continue to collect your green caddy for your food and garden waste.

Green bin amnesty

We know that some residents swapped their green bin for a green caddy when the annual fee was introduced. If you have a green caddy and would like to swap it back for a green bin, please get in touch. We will swap it for free. On the day of the swap, please leave your empty green caddy out so we can remove it. If you don’t present your green caddy, we cannot swap it for a green bin.

The green bin amnesty will be open from Monday 6 May until Wednesday 31 July.

  • To swap your green caddy, please call 03330 035865. The swap cannot be arranged online
  • We will allocate you a day when your green bin will be delivered and your green caddy removed
  • Please present your empty green caddy by 6.30 am on the day allocated to you
  • Should we not be able to deliver the green bin on that date, it will automatically be rescheduled for delivery as soon as possible

Not sure what to recycle in what bin?

Please visit our dedicated recycling page or download our recycling guide to help you recycle more.

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