Putting your bins out for collection

When should I present my bins and take them back in?

Your scheduled bins should be presented for collection by 6.30am on the day of your collection. You should bring your bin back in within 48 hours of your collection day.

To see which day your bins are collected, you can view, download or print your collection calendar.

Where should I present my bins?

Your bin should be presented one of these ways:

  • Most of us should present our bin at the edge of the property so as to not obstruct the public footpath or highway
  • Some households will need to present their bin at the back of their property within the alleyway
  • Other households may have a designated collection point

Please continue to present your bins as you do now, unless we contact you to tell you about a change.

How should I present my bins?

Bins must be presented with a fully closed lid without any overflowing waste. Bin collection crews will not accept any side waste, for example bin bags placed next to your bin or stacks of cardboard.

I need help with putting my bins out

We offer assisted collection service to any resident, who through age or physical limitation, has difficulty in placing their bins out for collection.

Your bin will be collected from an accessible location, for both yourself and the waste collection crew, and returned to the same location once emptied.