Wheeled bin charge

Trafford Council charges for the administration and delivery of all new, additional and replacement bins.

The charges are as follows:

  • Charge for a full set of bins (1 x grey, 1 x black, 1 x blue, 1 x silver kitchen caddy and either 1 x green bin or 1 x kerbside caddy for food waste): £127

  • Delivery and administration charge for replacement wheelie bin (up to 240 ltr): £37

  • Delivery and administration charge for replacement wheelie bin for householders receiving Council Tax Benefit, (excluding Single Persons Reductions) or Housing Benefit (up to 240 ltr): £15 (*proof required)

You need to pay for your new bins before delivery and you can pay by card online.

If you do not have access to a debit or credit card then in these exceptional circumstances we will accept cash or cheque.

Frequently asked questions

Why does Trafford Council charge for bins and what is the charge covering?

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The charge has been introduced to cover the administration and delivery of bins and is intended to encourage residents to take responsibility for the wheeled bins provided and to reduce demand for replacement containers. The charge is for the delivery and administration costs of the bin. The bin remains the property of the Council.

Does the charge apply to all replacement bin requests whether the bin has been lost, stolen or damaged?

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Yes, all replacement bins will be charged for. If a bin is damaged and the fault lies with the Council’s collection crew, this will be recorded by the crew who will post an advisory card through your letterbox and a new bin will be delivered free of charge.

Is there any help provided to residents who are on benefits?

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If you are in receipt of Council Tax Support you can pay a reduced payment of £13.75 per bin subject to proof of entitlement.

How can I pay for a bin?

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Payment will be accepted by card only and is payable prior to delivery. Payment by card can be done online

What happens if I don’t pay for the bin, will bags of waste be collected?

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Bags of waste will not be collected as all waste should be presented in a bin. However, if you do not wish to pay the administration and delivery charge for a replacement bin, you can dispose of your waste at one of the household waste recycling centres.

Can I avoid the ‘admin’ charge by collecting my new bin from the depot?

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Wheelie bins are available by delivery only. Residents are not permitted to collect wheelie bins for operational and health and safety issues. There is still an administrative process involved and the cost includes an amount to cover the administration of this service.

Can I buy my bin from somewhere cheaper?

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You can purchase your own bin but this must be compatible with the Council’s vehicles and meet our requirements in terms of size and colour. The bin must meet the British Standard BS EN840 and we will only empty the following colour bins if they contain the right type of waste

  • 140 litre grey bin for non-recyclable waste
  • 240 litre black bin for mixed recyclables (glass, cans and plastic bottles)
  • 240 litre blue bin for paper and card
  • 240 litre green bin for food and garden waste

I’ve moved house and there is no bin at my address, do I have to pay for my bin?

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Yes you will still have to pay the administration and delivery charge. If the property is a new build you will have to pay for a full set of recycling and refuse bins as per the Council’s fees and charges. You can do this online.

Do I have to pay for all recycling bins?

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Yes, the charge is for all new and replacement bins apart from kitchen and kerbside caddies for food waste.

I need a larger grey bin so do I need to pay for this?

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If you are a large family or have additional waste due to a medical condition you may be entitled to a larger bin. There is no charge when we exchange your bin for a larger one, however if the bin becomes lost or stolen then you will have to pay for the replacement.

I have paid the charge for a bin however my old one has now turned up, can I have a refund?

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You can cancel your order and receive a refund up to 23:59 two working days before your bin is scheduled to be delivered. However, we would advise that before paying for a replacement that you have had a good look around to see if you can find your bin. If you already have a grey bin at your property when we come to deliver the new one we will not leave an additional bin and you will not receive a refund of your delivery and administration charge.

I can't take delivery of the bin, how can I be sure it has been delivered?

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Your bin will be delivered with your property number displayed on it, the bin will be left at the front of your property. We will also post a delivery note stating the time and date it was delivered.

What am I supposed to do with the waste whilst I wait for the delivery of a bin?

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Your bin will be delivered within five working days. In the meantime, we ask that you store your waste on your property and once you receive your replacement, place the waste in the bin ready to be collected. We will not take bags on collection day so do not leave them out. Alternatively, you can dispose of your waste at one of our household waste recycling centres.

Will the crews return the bins after collection because that is when the bins go missing?

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All collection crews must return bins after emptying to the place the bin was collected from. Please ensure that you clearly number your bin and back gate if you receive a collection from the rear to avoid this going missing and to help you and the crews to identify which address the bin ‘belongs’ to.

My bin keeps being stolen, what can I do?

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There are several things you can do to help prevent this occurring. Use a permanent marker or number stickers to clearly identify the bin as belonging to your property. Do not place your bin out for collection the night before if possible as this means more time for it to go missing. Bins should be placed outside for collection before 6.30am. Try and ensure that your bin is brought back in as soon as possible after the collection. Your neighbours may be able to help with this.