Bulky item collection

What do we mean by bulky item collection?

We mean things such as beds, cookers, fridges and sofas. Before you arrange a collection, please be aware that there are a number of alternative ways in which you can get rid of these items free of charge.

Instead of throwing it away, give it away

You might not need that old sofa or wheelbarrow anymore – but there might be someone just around the corner who does. Or if there’s something you’d like, someone nearby might have one.

Visit Freecycle where you might find someone to take your unwanted items off your hands.

Give it to charity

There are a number of charitable organisations who may collect your items for free, refurbish the items and sell them on at the lowest possible prices to those in greatest need. So if your items are in a reasonable condition and suitable for re-use why not contact one of the organisations below:

Is there anywhere else I can take my unwanted items?

You can donate your unwanted furniture for re-use at Woodhouse Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre. Please see the Recycle for Greater Manchester website for further information including a full list of accepted items.

How to arrange collection

A bulky item collection can be arranged online. Before you arrange a collection, please be aware that there are some items that cannot be collected so don’t forget to check the collectable items list.

There is a minimum, non-refundable charge of £35, which covers up to five items.

To book a collection you will need a valid email address and a debit or credit card ready for payment. Once payment has been taken, you will be given a collection day. Before you proceed, please make sure you have read our terms and conditions.