Grey bin queries

If your bin hasn’t been collected

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Report the missed collection online and if it is a valid missed collection we will return.

If your bin hasn't been fully emptied

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Any rubbish stuck at the bottom of the bin will not be manually removed by the refuse collectors. You can loosen the waste with a broom handle for your next collection or alternatively, dispose of this yourself at one of your local household waste recycling centres.

To avoid this scenario don't excessively compact the contents of your bin and avoid putting lightweight items such as polystyrene at the bottom.

What happens to your general waste 

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Your general waste is used to make electricity. The general waste from your home is delivered to a mechanical treatment and reception facility in Greater Manchester. The waste is shredded and then transported by train to the Energy Recovery facility in Runcorn. Once the waste has arrived at Runcorn, it is unloaded at the tipping hall. The general waste is fed into the furnace which creates heat. This heat is used to boil water to make steam which spin turbines. The turbines are connected to generators which make electricity.

For more information visit the R4GM website.

Why we charge for replacement bins

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The charge has been introduced to cover the administration and delivery of replacement bins and is intended to encourage residents to take responsibility for the wheeled bins provided and to reduce demand for replacement containers. 

Dealing with extra waste

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If your bin is full and have extra waste

Bags of waste will not be collected as all waste should be presented in a grey bin. If you do have extra waste you can dispose of this at one of the household waste recycling centres.

Requesting extra grey bin space

 We allocate 140 litres of grey bin space to each household. Limiting grey bin space encourages recycling and the amount of grey bin space allocated is in line with national guidelines and practices.

We recognise that large families, children in nappies and some medical conditions can generate significant amounts of non-recyclable waste. Therefore, extra grey bin space, above the standard 140 litres, can be requested. All requests are assessed using the following criteria:

  • 5 or more permanent residents occupying the property
  • Any medical conditions that generate excessive amounts of non-recyclable waste
  • Measures taken by residents to reduce and recycle their waste
  • Any other exceptional circumstances particular to the household

Request extra grey bin space online

Assessing Requests

Every request for extra grey bin space is assessed against the above criteria. A Recycling Officer may carry out a waste audit to confirm that all bins are being used correctly and that there is a genuine need, even if they meet the criteria above.

If a request does not include enough information to make an assessment, the resident will be contacted to gain further information. If this is not possible, a Recycling Officer will visit the property to carry out a waste audit. 


If a property is approved, they will receive the extra capacity deemed appropriate for their needs. Household bins come in three sizes: 140 litres, 240 litres and 360 litres. Where possible a household will only have one large bin and not multiple smaller bins.


If a request does not meet the criteria above, it will not be approved. Residents can reapply providing further information if they wish.

If a waste audit is conducted, but the circumstances detailed by the resident are not deemed to generate excessive amounts of general waste, the request will not be approved. Residents can reapply but will be audited again.

If a waste audit is conducted, but the officer finds recycling in the grey bin, the request will not be approved, irrespective of meeting any of the criteria above. Residents can reapply but will be audited again.


If a property is approved for extra grey bin space, it will be reviewed on a two yearly basis.