Some questions answered


What are the changes to recycling and refuse service?

The Council will be introducing a weekly collection of food and garden waste in the green bin and a fortnightly collection of the grey bin.


Why are you making changes to the service?

There are three main reasons why we are making these changes to the green and grey bin collections:

  • It will increase our recycling rate.  Thanks to Trafford residents, the Council is now recycling 50% of its waste. However, by introducing these changes to the collections we will increase this to over 60% by 2015. A neighbouring Council introduced a similar service over a year ago and has achieved a recycling rate of 62% so far, proof it can be done!
  • It will help protect the environment.  When food waste decomposes in a landfill site it produces methane gas which contributes to climate change.  Therefore, by diverting this waste from the grey bin to the green bin we will be helping to protect the environment.
  • It will save Trafford Ratepayers over £1 million per year.  The costs of waste being sent for disposal have been rising in recent years and will continue to rise over coming years so there is a big financial incentive to recycle more waste.


When will the new service start in my area?

The new service is due to be rolled out in five phases between May and October 2013. Residents will be notified nearer the time with a leaflet, information pack and new collection calendar giving more details.

The five phases are as follows and dates of each phase can be identified by the colour of the day panel at the top of your current calendar:

Recycling calendar changes
Phase Calendar ColourAreas  Date



Partington, Flixton, Urmston, parts of Davyhulme




Parts of Davyhulme, parts of Stretford, parts of Sale




Parts of Sale, Dunham, parts of Hale, parts of Timperley




Parts of Sale, Bowdon, Altrincham, parts of Hale, Broadheath, parts of Timperley




Old Trafford, parts of Stretford, Gorse Hill


If you are unsure which colour calendar you have please use this bin collection service. You will be required to enter your postcode.


Will my collection day change?

Your day of collection will not change. A revised collection calendar will be provided to show the change in collection frequencies and provide calendar dates through to November 2014.


How will a fortnightly grey bin collection save the ratepayer money when you are still emptying the same number of bins?

Although we will still be emptying the same number of bins, we will be sending less waste for disposal and more for recycling. It currently costs £270 per tonne to dispose of waste from the grey bin compared to a cost of £60 per tonne to recycle food waste in the green bin. Therefore, there is a clear financial incentive to recycle more food waste.


Where can I find more information?

Please see the frequently asked questions below for the green bin service and for the grey bin service.

Residents will be provided with a leaflet, information pack and a new collection calendar when the service is due to be introduced and this will give you more information on the new service. However, if you have already received this and still require more information please contact One Trafford on 03330 035865.

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