Need more compostable bags?

Requests for compostable bags

With more of us staying at home we’ve had a high number of requests for compostable bags. We're now out of stock, but are expencting a delivery of new bags on 5 October. This means that until these arrive the call centre will be unable to take orders for new rolls.

If you use the yellow tag to request new rolls from our bin crews, you should also wait until after 5 October before placing the tag on your green bin or caddy.

In the meantime, you can place food waste loose in your green bin or caddy. You should not, however, use other plastic bags or newspaper to wrap food waste as this will mean it can't be recycled.

Trafford currently recycles 58% of the food waste produced at home, but a total of 25% of the waste in grey bin could have been recycled in the green bin. To help you recycle all your food waste, we provide every household with a roll of 52 compostable bags in November/December every year. 

Need more bags?

Place the yellow tag from your roll onto your green bin or green caddy on the day of your collection. The waste collection crew will provide you with a new roll. Alternatively, please call 03330 035865 to order a new roll.

Do you need a kitchen caddy to help you recycle all your food waste? Get in touch to order your free kitchen caddy.