Compostable bags

Trafford currently recycles 58% of the food waste produced at home, but a total of 25% of the waste in grey bin could have been recycled in the green bin. To help you recycle all your food waste, we provide every household with a roll of 52 compostable bags in November / December every year.

Need new bags?

Yellow tag on your bin

If you have left a yellow tag on your bin, due to stock and supply issues, our crews are unable to leave a replacement roll on collection day.

Please log a request using our report it form and we will deliver a roll as soon as stock becomes available.

Order new bags online

You can request a replacement roll online.

Due to stock and supply issues, it may take longer than expected to deliver a roll of compostable bags. We will deliver a roll as soon as stock becomes available.

Buying compostable bags

You can also purchase replacement rolls from some supermarkets. Make sure the bags include the number, EN13432 and the Seedling logo.

Seedling logo
Seedling logo

Recycle your food waste without compostable bags

If necessary, you can still place food waste directly in your green bin without a compostable bag.

Kitchen caddies

Do you need a kitchen caddy to help you recycle all your food waste? Get in touch to order your free kitchen caddy.

How you can reduce your food waste

There are a number of simple steps to help everyone reduce food waste at home. Did you know that you do not have to peel all your vegetables before cooking them, like potatoes and carrots. Left over meals can easily be frozen for up to 3 months to save them from going bad.

For more help on reducing food waste, visit