Food for thought - your weekly food waste collections

Trafford recycles 61.3% of its waste but we need your help to recycle more food. By putting all your peelings, raw or gone-off food and the leftovers from your plate into your green bin, you are helping the Council to save money which could be used to benefit the local community. Follow us on twitter for hints and tips – search #Foodforthought.

Recycling your food waste

To help you recycle your food waste, we provide everyone with a small silver kitchen caddy and rolls of compostable bags.

You can recycle all your cooked and uncooked food, including any leftovers. This includes meat, fish, bones tea bags and egg shells.

Getting more FREE compostable bags

We provide additional rolls of compostable bags for FREE.

To help you recycle all food waste, we provide residents with a roll of 52 compostable bags, left on the doorstep in November or December each year. When you need more please ties the tag at the end of your roll to your green bin or caddy. Our crew will deliver you a new roll when they empty the bin. 

Using your kitchen caddy

Using your kitchen caddy is easy:

  • Line the caddy with a compostable bag and fill it with your food waste. Do not use any other bags to line your caddy
  • When you’re ready, tie a knot in the bag and place it in your green bin or green caddy
  • Every week, on your collection day, please present your green bin or green caddy on the edge of your property and we’ll empty it

Need a green bin or green caddy for your food waste?

  • Please use your green bin or green caddy for your food waste collection

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