Dunham Estate Future Project

Dunham Massey Visitor Centre
Altrincham, General, Residents
Monday 9th September 2019

E-mail: Kathryn.Heaton@nationaltrust.org.uk.

Website: Dunham Estate Future Project


What is the Dunham Estate Future Project?

The Dunham Estate Future Project is looking at the future of the wider estate, beyond Dunham Massey’s walled parkland. The project aims to increase opportunities for communities and people to enjoy green spaces in the area. Building on the work that has already taken place over the past few years, we also aim to improve provision for nature and wildlife across the estate.

Why is it needed?

Green spaces are becoming fewer and fewer, and with two major urban infrastructure projects being planned close to the boundary of the Dunham estate, it is important that we are able to increase opportunities for our communities to get close to nature. The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework will see up to 8,000 new homes built in New Carrington, and the proposed HS2 project will be coming within 150m of the estate boundary. The Dunham Estate Future project will allow us to maintain productive farmland and a rural feel in the wider estate while allowing nature and wildlife to thrive.

Visitor numbers to Dunham Massey are increasing year on year and creating more opportunities for people to enjoy the wider estate will mean that more people will be able to get close to nature and green spaces. From dog walkers to cyclists, our aims are to provide something for everyone beyond the  walls and main visitor hub at Dunham Massey. Extending the visitor experience to the wider estate will also help us to conserve nature in our parkland.


Dunham Massey Visitor Centre,
WA14 4SJ