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RESET is an innovative youth led event created by a parent and professional in education, who supported her child though a period of mental health crisis.

The Challenge

Mental Health challenges in young people are rising, services are stretched, assessments and any support has lengthy waiting lists and families are being torn apart. While the financial costs to authorities are high, the emotional costs to young people and their families are beyond measure.

We need a mental health system that works for our children, young people and families and we must all own our piece of the solution.

Working with a collective of young people, families, service providers and organisations. RESET promotes and unites service and provision in the purpose of empowering families and professionals to promote a safe and healthy community, led by what young people need.

The Event

RESET It is a multi-layered, youth led event aimed at professionals in education, health, youth and social care and for all families in Trafford.

RESET aims to 

  • bring knowledge and awareness of services that support young people, as an early intervention and as a prevention to reaching crisis.
  • work with young people to hear their voice. Every person who attends the event will have some insight to what it is like for a young person in 2019 with a mental health challenge.
  • bring families and professionals together in a common language to strengthen provision and support for young people.

RESET offers a free networking marketplace of local and national services and organisations, to bring more awareness of what current public and private organisations offer to young people.

There will be the opportunity to hear from a range of keynote speakers with shared experience and strong messages around prevention in varying backgrounds of health, wellbeing and education.


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