Empty properties

In Trafford there are currently approximately 1000 homes that have been vacant for more than six months. 

Empty homes contribute significant harm to local communities by:

  • Depressing the market affecting the sustainability of the neighbourhood making it undesirable to live in.
  • Reducing the value of neighbouring properties by approximately 10%.
  • Encouraging anti-social behaviour such as criminal damage, vandalism, arson and squatting. 

How much could my empty property be costing me?  

You could be missing out up to £16,000 a year from your empty property:

  • £2000 - £5000 a year in council tax, utilities, standing charges, insurance and deterioration
  • £7,000 - £11,000 from lost rent. Properties in the borough make the following in average annual rent:
  • 1 bedroom house - £7,140 (£595 per month)
  • 2 bedroom house - £9,000 (£750 per month)
  • 3 bedroom house - £10,380 (£865 per month)
  • 4 bedroom house - £10,920 (£910 per month)

How the Council can help

Early intervention will result in minimal cost to the owner, but once a property suffers significant damage the cost can be overwhelming. If squatters move into the property the legal fees involved in recovering possession can run into thousands of pounds.

We can potentially help owners to bring an empty property back into use by working in partnership with social enterprise schemes and local housing associations/Registered Providers (RPs). Flexible options include:

    • Having the dwelling let and managed by professional RP on your behalf.  The owner will retain ownership of the building at all times.
    • Introduction to partners who may be able to provide contractors to carry out works at the property, potentially at discounted rates.
    • The Council may be able to provide financial assistance towards the refurbishment of an empty property.
    • Selling the property on the open market or to one of the Council's partner organisations.

Empty property matchmaker scheme

Are you thinking of selling your property in Trafford? 

Are you looking to buy a property in Trafford?

Then the Empty Property Matchmaker Scheme can help.

How to report an empty home

You can report an empty home: