Apply for a HMO licence

To apply for a new house in multiple occupation (HMO) licence, complete the application form and send it to us. View our guidance notes for help completing the application form.

The application form is in PDF format for you to download and print. This is so you can get it signed by the applicant, licence holder, managing agent and person in control. 

Enclose all supporting documents

Your documents will include current copies of:

  • Plan layout of the property, showing all room measurements.
  • Fire alarm commissioning / test certificate.
  • Emergency lighting commissioning / test certificate.
  • Fire extinguisher service certificate, if applicable.
  • Landlord gas safety certificate.
  • Electrical installation condition report.
  • PAT (portable appliance testing) certificate, if applicable.
  • Tenancy agreement used.
  • Basic Criminal Disclosure Certificate (DBS), obtained within six months of the date of application.  For information on how to obtain a DBS certificate be visit

Make a Payment

Licence fees

We charge HMO licence fees in a two-stage process; a fee on application (to cover documentation checks, inspection time, fit and proper person checks etc.) and a fee on granting of a licence.  You must pay both fees in full when required, before the Council will action the necessary stages of the HMO licence process.

Your fee on application payment will depend on the number of habitable rooms in the property. View information on our current HMO licencing fees.

Apply to renew a HMO licence

You do not have to wait for your current licence to expire before applying to renew. It is recommended that you make your application at least two months before your licence expires. This will allow us time to process your application and deal with any queries.​​​​

Apply to renew before your licence has expired

If your licence has not expired you can apply to renew using a shorter version of the application form. This is in line with new rules that allow you to provide less information. You will need to sign a declaration about any material changes at the property. 

Use this form only if your licence has not expired, or it will be rejected.

Apply to renew your expired licence 

If your licence has expired you must renew using the full version of the application form. View our guidance notes for help completing the application form.

What will the Council consider when deciding to grant or refuse a licence?

The Council must look at the following factors:

  • The suitability of the HMO for the number of occupiers.
  • The suitability of the facilities within the HMO, such as toilets, bathrooms and cooking facilities.
  • The suitability of the landlord and/or the managing agent to manage the HMO (This is called the “fit and proper” test and is mainly concerned with whether the landlord or manager has any relevant convictions or has acted in a way that would indicate they are unsuitable to manage this type of residential accommodation).
  • The general suitability of managing arrangements.

If your licence is refused

We ask you to contact us using the contact details on this page, initially to try and resolve the issue. If you feel the council has acted unfairly by failing to grant, revoking or imposing certain conditions on your licence, you can appeal.

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