HMO Licensing fees and charges

HMO Licensing fees and charges
Action2023 FeeDescription

Fee on application for a licence

£874 up to and including 6 bedrooms, plus an additional fee of £22 for every bedroom thereafter (i.e. 7 bedrooms and above)

This is the fee for an application to licence an HMO. It includes for verifying that the landlord is a fit and proper person to be a licensee.

Fee on granting of a licence


This is the fee to be paid when the we are satisfied that a HMO licence can be granted.

Application to vary licence


Where an applicant applies to vary the conditions of the licence, a separate fee is payable to cover the costs.

Pre-HMO licence application advice


This is the fee to be paid when advice is wanted prior to submitting a HMO licence, which includes a review of plans/documentation, an inspection and follow-up report.