List of fees and charges relating to HMO LICENSING 2020


Initial application

£805 plus an inspection fee   of £73 per habitable room

Thi is the fee for a first time application by a landlord to licence an HMO.  It includes for verifying that the landlord is a fit and proper person to be a licensee.

Subsequent application

£748 plus £73 per habitable   room

This   is the fee for a landlord who already holds a licence for an HMO within  Trafford to make an application for a licence for an additional property.

Application after wrongly   claimed exemption under Building Regulations

Appropriate application fee   plus £102

Landlords may claim that an otherwise licensable HMO is exempt as it complied in 1991 with the then-current Building Regulations. If the claim for exemption is not accepted, the Council’s costs in   investigating the claim are recoverable.

Notification of inadequate   application

£71 per notification

All applicants will be offered an opportunity to discuss their application with   an officer prior to submission, similar to the “passport check” service   offered by the Post Office.  An applicant who does not take advantage of this and submits an inadequate or   incomplete application will be notified by post and the application will not   be processed further until the missing information is provided and the additional fee is paid.

Resubmission of application   following refusal of a licence

£734 per resubmission

Where the Council refuses to approve an application for a licence, (e.g. on the   grounds that the property is not suitable for occupation by the number of   residents stipulated on the application), the applicant may resubmit their   application after addressing the Council’s reasons for refusal.

Verification of  satisfactory management arrangements.

Additional £98 per   application

Where   an applicant is intending that the property should be managed other than by   him or her, then the Council need to ensure that the management arrangements are satisfactory.

Application to vary licence   or license conditions

£105 per application

Where   an applicant applies to vary the conditions of the licence, a separate fee is payable to cover the costs.