Moving Assistance Grant

Trafford Council recognises that it is not always possible or cost effective to adapt a home to meet the requirements of the home owner or allowed by the respective Landlord. Trafford Council is offering a Moving Assistance Grant  to help Trafford residents to move to a different property, where a member of the household has been assessed as needing major adaptations to their current home.

The Moving Assistance Grant will be available in one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Where it is not reasonable or possible to carry out the works recommended by an Occupational Therapist to the applicant’s current home.
  • Where the current home does not meet the long-term accommodation needs of the household.
  • Where the residents move to an already adapted property, or one that can be better adapted to meet their needs, is the most cost-effective solution.

The following eligibility criteria and conditions will apply:

  • The applicant must live in the Trafford local authority area.
  • The resident has been referred to the Trafford Adaptations Team by an Occupational Therapist, for adaptations to their current property
  • The Moving Assistance Grant is to be used to fund moving support to a suitably adapted or adaptable property following an OT assessment. This cannot be used to provide additional home improvements. The Moving Assistance Grant will cover expenses such as estate agent costs, conveyancing, packing and removal costs.
  • The Moving Assistance Grant will be determined by the Adaptations Manger at the point of application and capped at an upper limit of £3,000.
  • The Moving Assistance Grant does not prevent applications under a Disabled Facility Grant (DFG).
  • If a Moving Assistance Grant has been provided to help the applicant move to an adapted property, any further application for a DFG Grant, for the same adaptation at the property, may be refused
  • The Council may wish to investigate or formally verify any information provided in relation to a Moving Assistance Grant and false applications may result in prosecution
For more information please contact the Adaptations Team on: 0161 912 2845 or by email: