Home adaptations

An adaptation is an alteration or addition to your home that will allow you or a carer greater safety or independence to access your home and its facilities. Determining what you need is the first stage, and we can only adapt your home after your needs have been assessed.

Needs assessment

An Occupational Therapist or Disabled Living Advisor (DLA) who is based at the One Stop Resource Centre in Sale will carry out this assessment of need.

Who can apply

Anyone living in Trafford who has a permanent or substantial disability or who cares for a person with a permanent or substantial disability.

Your first step is to contact the Equipment and Adaptations Advice Line (EAAL) using the details below:

Telephone: 0345 2990798

The line is open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm

The EAAL telephone is staffed by a member of the Occupational Therapy Assessment Team who will advise you of possible options and, if necessary, take your details and add them to the waiting list for an appointment to receive a home visit for assessment of your needs. There is a priority system and it may be some time before an Occupational Therapist or Disabled Living Advisor (DLA) can visit you.


Minor adaptations

If your assessment of need results in the provision of community equipment and /or minor adaptations there is no cost to the disabled person. Minor Adaptations cost under £1000 and include hand rails / grab rails / stair rails etc.

Major adaptations

All major adaptations are subject to a means test assessment if over eighteen years of age. Adaptations costing over £1000 are processed as a major adaptation. Major adaptations may include shower installations, alteration work to provide access into and around your home, stairlifts, through floor lifts, steplifts, hoists, provision of ground floor toilets and special toilets, bedroom and bathroom alterations.

If your assessment of need recommends a major adaptation then you will be able to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

You will be required to complete a means test if you are aged eighteen or over. This is a national requirement and is compulsory for all Disability Facilities Grants awarded.

When we receive the Occupational Therapist or Disabled Living Advisor's recommendations your case will be allocated to an Adaptation Officer who will guide you through the grant application and any subsequent building process. Some applications will require a landlords provisional consent prior to the allocation to an assigned Adaptation Officer.

Once allocated, the assigned Adaptation Officer will make contact, arrange for a home visit and will check at the home visit that the proposed adaptation:

  • Can be achieved in an appropriate way to adequately meet your needs.
  • Is reasonable and practical, given the age, layout and condition of the property.
  • Complies with the legislation for Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grants.