Apply for social housing

We no longer own any properties. Instead, the social housing in the borough is provided by L&Q and other registered providers.

We work in partnership with registered providers to offer Trafford HomeChoice, which is the borough’s housing register.

Demand for social housing in Trafford is extremely high, there are more people wanting social housing than number of homes available. Being flexible about your preferred type of home and area may reduce your waiting time, but if you need to move quickly you may need to consider private renting while you continue to bid on social housing.

Who can apply

Anybody living in the UK aged 16+ can join Trafford’s housing register, however it is unlikely you will be offered a tenancy unless you are at least 18 years old.

If you or a member of your household is considered guilty of unacceptable behaviour you can still join the housing register but your application may be suspended.

You may be ineligible to join the housing register if you are subject to immigration control or are not deemed habitually resident within the Common Travel Area.

For more information read our Allocations Policy.

How to apply

To join the housing register you will need to register with Trafford HomeChoice and submit an online application. If you are unable to use the online service, you can contact Trafford HomeChoice on 0161 912 5513 for assistance.

What happens next

Your application will be processed by Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST), who will respond via email within 5 working days. If you have elected to be contacted by post, the letter may take a little longer to reach you.

HOST may ask you to provide evidence to support your application and will be unable to process your application until you have done so.

Once the application has been processed, HOST will assess your housing need and you will be placed into a priority band between 1 and 5. Trafford HomeChoice will notify you of this decision and you can then start looking for a home.

How priority is awarded

Our Allocations Policy explains how priority is assessed and details the criteria of each band. In summary, the priority bands are as follows:

  • Band 1 – Urgent need to move and owed Reasonable Preference
  • Band 2 – Need to move and owed Reasonable Preference
  • Band 3 – Owed Reasonable Preference but do not meet criteria for Bands 1 & 2
  • Band 4 – No housing need but meet the Trafford Positive Community Criteria
  • Band 5 – Reduced preference due to rent arrears, behaviour, no local connection, or savings, equity, or earnings above threshold

Appeals and complaints

Our Allocations Policy explains which decisions can be appealed and outlines our review and complains procedures.