Apply for social housing

We no longer own any homes – they are all owned and managed by Trafford Housing Trust (THT). THT is a registered housing provider and has the largest selection of accommodation across the borough of Trafford. There are a number of othe​r registered housing providers who have different types of properties so it's worth considering them too.

Housing demand in the borough of Trafford

Demand for social housing in Trafford is high and more people want social housing than the number of homes available. Some areas are more popular than others, so being flexible about the type of home and area you wish to live in might reduce your waiting time.

Who can apply for social housing?

Anyone can apply for social housing. You can do this either by making an online application using the Trafford Home Search or by contacting a registered housing provider directly.

Am I eligible for social housing?

As part of the Council's Housing Allocation Policy, we use priority bands to compare the needs of customers on our housing register. If you register for rehousing your housing needs will be assessed by Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST), and given a priority band from 1-5.

Trafford Priority Bands

Band 1:

Urgent need band due to additional preference being granted to certain groups who are owed reasonable preference.

Band 2:

Need to move – reasonable preference.

Band 3:

Applicants who do not meet the criteria for Band 1 and 2 but fall in to the statutory reasonable preference categories.

Band 4:

Applicants not assessed as being owed reasonable preference but who meet the Trafford Positive Community Criteria (working/volunteering in the Borough or have a local connection).

Band 5:

Applicants owed reasonable preference but who have been awarded reduced preference, no recognisable housing need – nil priority.

Band 1

  • ​Emergency medical, disability or welfare
  • Exceptional need to move
  • Release an adapted property
  • Statutory overcrowded
  • Under-occupying (by two bedrooms or more) – this applies to social housing tenants only
  • Private sector properties unsanitary or unfit
  • Those living in Supported Housing who have been assessed as ready to move on to independent living
  • Children Leaving Care
  • Award from the Exceptional Circumstances Panel
  • Foster Carers and Adopters
  • Former or current members of the Armed Forces (additional preference to assessed band)

Band 2

  • Homeless Households owed a full homeless duty under section 193(2) or 195(2)
  • Homeless Prevention after 6 months of a prevention option being chosen.
  • Overcrowded by the Bedroom Standard for overcrowding
  • Applicants living in unsatisfactory housing that lacks basic facilities
  • Under-occupying (by one bedroom) – this applies to social housing tenants only
  • Medical grounds
  • Award from the Exceptional Circumstances Panel
  • Former or current members of the Armed Forces (additional preference to assessed band)

Band 3

  • Applicants who are entitled to reasonable preference as being      non-priority homeless, intentionally homeless, or homeless within the meaning of Part 7 of the Act
  • Homeless Prevention during the first 6 months of a prevention      option being chosen.
  • Housing Need due to Age
  • Former or current members of the Armed Forces (additional      preference to assessed band)

Band 4

Applicants who have been assessed as not being owed reasonable preference but who meet the Trafford Positive Community Criteria, e.g. Voluntary work, training, local connection, key workers (see our Housing Allocation Policy for full details).

Applicants who are former or current members of the Armed Forces, may also be awarded Band 4.

Band 5

This band includes applicants who are owed a reasonable preference but who have been awarded reduced preference or have been down banded under the Policy (for rent arrears, behaviour, no local connection, savings, equity or earning etc.).

Applicants who have no recognisable housing need, and do not meet the Trafford Positive Community Criteria (including out of Borough applicants) will also be awarded Band 5.

How to apply for social housing

You will need to register with Trafford Home Search. Here you will be able to register, bid for a property, and make changes to your application.

To make an application you will need to provide:

  • National Insurance number for yourself, your partner or joint applicant where applicable.
  • Names and dates of birth for everyone living at your current address whether they are moving with you or not.
  • Address history for the past 10 years for yourself and your partner where applicable.
  • Names and contact details for anyone supporting you.

You may also need to provide further information dependent upon the details of your application. See the Trafford Home Search website for further details.

After registering you can bid for a property and make changes to your application – this can be done online, using text or by visiting an office.

Please note that all bidding cycles run between Wednesday 10am and the following Sunday at midnight.

What happens after you've applied with​Trafford Home Search

Once an application for accommodation has been submitted to HOST they will:

  • Electronically confirm receipt of the application for accommodation immediately.
  • Immediately allocate a Banding to completed applications or, if a homeless applicant, once a decision has been reached on a person’s homelessness application. Where there is a need to visit an applicant or make further enquiries to confirm an applicant’s circumstances, any Band awarded will be provisional pending that visit or confirmation of circumstances.
  • If there is a need to visit an applicant or an interview arranged to clarify details contained on the form, arrangements will be made within 10 days of receipt of the application.
  • Any final Banding will be confirmed within 28 days once the application has been completed following any such interview, visit, or the completion of further enquiries.

How do I bid on ​​social housing?

Most available accommodation is advertised on the Trafford Home Search.

Each week there's a five day period when you can place bids for the advertised homes that you're interested in, this is called the ‘bidding cycle’.

Each bidding cycle opens on a Wednesday at 10am and closes Sunday at midnight.

You decide which homes you'd like to be considered for and place bids on up to three available homes in each advertising cycle. ​

If you've applied directly to a housing provider, there may be another way of expressing an interest in their available accommodation. Please ask them for details.

How long will I have to wait for social housing?

The length of time you have to wait will be dependent on your priority banding, the type of home you require and for how long you've been registered.

To increase your chances of finding a property bid for properties in a wider area. Apply directly to Housing Associations and apply for properties from private landlords.

Many Housing Associations have properties on their own housing register. To apply for these properties, you will need to register with the Housing Association. Some Housing Associations also advertise properties on Pinpoint.

The more Housing Associations you register with, the more chances you will have of finding a property.