Leaving the armed forces

If you are about to, or have recently left, the armed forces, and have not secured accommodation, then please contact our Housing Options Service Team. We can explain how to express an interest in social landlord or Housing Association properties. We also give you advice on finding private rented accommodation, and refer you to Trafford Rent and Bond scheme if you meet the criteria.

Please remember, the earlier you let us help you, the more we can do to help you solve your housing difficulties. When you come to see us please bring all documents relating to your housing situation.

Civvy Street is a useful website for those persons leaving the armed forces.

Armed Forces and Social Housing

Housing regulations state that the Council must not disqualify members of the Armed Forces on residency grounds (for former members of the Armed Forces, local connection rules will not apply).This extends to applications from former service personnel, where the application is made within five years of discharge.

To be considered British Armed Forces personnel you must have served in one of the following services:

  • Regular service personnel (including Military Provost Guards Service in the Army, Navy, Air Force).
  • Clinical staff (excluding doctors and dentists).
  • MoD Police Officers.
  • Uniformed staff in the Defence Fire Service.
  • Ex regular services personnel (who have served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of 4 years and can produce a Discharge certificate, or similar document).
  • Full Time Reserve Service (Full Commitment).

Bereaved spouses and civil partners of members of the Armed Forces leaving Military accommodation following the death of their spouse or partner, and to serving or former members of the Armed or Reserve Forces who need to move due to a serious injury, medical condition, or disability sustained as a result of service (death or injury, which is attributable (wholly or partly)to the person’s service are also included.

These provisions recognise the special position of members of the Armed Forces (and their families) whose employment requires them to be mobile, and who are likely therefore to be particularly disadvantaged by residency (local connection) requirements, as well as reservists injured and who need to move to another local authority area to receive treatment, care or support.

Where applicants fall into any of the above categories, they will complete the online housing application form. Their application will be assessed based on their current housing need and a Band will awarded. However, in order to award members of the Armed Forces (including spouses etc.) additional preference, applicants will be awarded a Band higher than they would be awarded based on their housing need, e.g. where an applicant has been awarded Band 4 they will be awarded Band 3 as their final Band.

For applicants who have been dishonourably discharged, no additional priority will be awarded, but cases will be reviewed subject to individual circumstances.