Apprentice Ambassadors

The concept here is simple… who better to sell our Apprenticeships than apprentices?

Our ultimate aim is to get more young people, schools and parents to know about and understand Apprenticeships.

Rather than have representatives of the skills sector presenting about the value of Apprenticeships, we are supporting current or recently qualified apprentices to present to those who are still in school. Moreover, we facilitate and give them the opportunity to present to schools, teachers and parents. The aim of the Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme is to:

  • Promote apprenticeships to young people as an exciting path into a range of careers.
  • Give the Ambassadors the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence.
  • Promote the organisation they work for as an employer of choice.
  • Support the aims and objectives of the National Apprenticeship Service.

Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (GMLPN) co-ordinate the Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme.

If you want to find out more, contact: Matthew Leigh on email or call 0161 654 150.