Meet our apprentices

Holly Ryan and Abuzar Chunara

holly and abuzar

Holly and Abuzar are both former apprentices who have now secured permanent roles at the Council.

Both have demonstrated tremendous commitment to their studies and the development of their skills and have clearly shown what an asset they are to our organisation!

They have also won their respective categories at the Trafford College Apprenticeship awards.

Jenna's story


"I got accepted into university but didn’t think it suited me and had the opportunity to take time out so I travelled for a few years instead. I had plans to return from travelling and go to university but by this point had got far too used to earning money, plus the university fees just seemed to keep increasing. This as well as seeing my friends graduate and struggle to get jobs in their field made me rethink uni and lean more towards an apprenticeship.

I looked around and found a job in HR at Trafford Council that offered an apprenticeship. I am now completing an advanced apprenticeship with Trafford College in Business Administration whilst working for the Council. I get to study and complete assessments to gain my qualification whilst also getting on the job experience such as office skills and networking with people in the sector I want to be in.

I already have a lot of responsibility which gives me a great sense of achievement. If you work hard, you get noticed and rewarded which brings great job satisfaction. That coupled with the personal satisfaction of gaining a qualification made me realise I’ve 100% made the right decision for me. It’s a great way to get your foot on the ladder and learn, with no debt-most jobs ask for previous experience and in the current climate it’s so hard to get that, with an apprenticeship you get it all!"