Hale Library Redevelopment Q&As

Hale Library Bidders Presentation Questions and Answers

Q: Will more information be provided by the Council in terms of the library and will other information be provided such as Utilities?
A: Yes this can be provided. In terms of the specification of the library the Council are leaving this fairly loose to let bidders be creative with their proposals (it must include the information which is specified in the Tender Pack)

Q: Can a spec. for the library be provided and when will this be available?
A: Yes, brief has been included in the tender pack and more information will be provided on the website

Q: What is the minimum provision for a library during the works?
A: The minimum the Council require is somewhere members of the public borrow, return and renew books and a small meeting area/room where community groups can meet.

Q: What is the breakdown on the £45k cost savings which the council are achieving with the selling of this library and surrounding land?
A: The £45k savings are the running costs of the library such as lighting heating and maintenance – the building has a flat roof which is expensive to maintain and prone to require repair. The £45k figure does not include staffing costs or the cost of the books and equipment. The cost of staff and books etc. is already incorporated into TBC costs.

Q: What will happen to Hale library when the new library in Altrincham opens in 2017?
A: This would depend on what option is  selected after the completion of the tender process. If a temporary library is in place then the library provision in Hale may close. If a new, smaller, permanent library is in place then this would remain and would become a community hub which could offer different things to the main library in Altrincham.

Q: Will parking provisions for the new library be required?
A: Yes, there would be a requirement for some parking provision for library users

Q: Is the site classed as an A/B or C area?
A: You will need to check with Trafford Councils planning Department

Q: What is the timescale after the tender process has finished?
A: Once the tender deadline has closed the tenders and the Council would be looking to make a decision towards the end of May.

Q: Would the Council shortlist preferred bidders?
A: Possibly as it is an informal tender process being undertaken.

Q: Who is the contact in Planning?
A: Gary Earnshaw – gary.earnshaw@trafford.gov.uk 0161 912 3215

Q: What is the current footfall for Altrincham library?
A: 114k

Q: Would the new Altrincham library facility be able to take a footfall of 200k?
A: Yes, although smaller the library would be able to handle this amount of footfall.

Q: Has it been specified that the library provision needs to be continuous during the development period?
A: Yes this is a requirement during the construction period.

Q: If back to back development can be achieved would the library still have to be closed during the development?
A: No, if this can be achieved then the library can stay open whilst the new library provision is being built.

Q: What will happen after the contract has been awarded.
A: The contract will be awarded at the end of May and then the Council will work with the chosen bidder.

Q: If the contract is awarded and the chosen developer cannot deliver what they said in the tender would this then be re-tendered?
A: Potentially yes, but the Council would work with the developer to achieve the desired outcome.

Q: Who decides who the winning bidder is?
A: This decision would be made by the Council and the Council has placed weightings in the tender pack showing what the selection criteria will be.

Q: Is there any preferred option for no library?
A: No, with all bidding options a replacement library within the Hale boundary must be provided as part of the development (whether on-site or off).

Q: Can the Council ensure that at the end of May a preferred bidder will have been chosen if a number of potential bidders have been shortlisted and are in dialogue with the Council?
A: Yes, it is not in the Councils interest to prolong this process.

Q: Are there other libraries in Trafford which have a footfall of over 100k?
A: Yes, the busiest libraries in Trafford are Urmston (181,198), Sale (158,573), Altrincham (114,282), Stretford (105,855)