Coronavirus (COVID-19): information about parks and open spaces

Our parks and green spaces are staying open so you can relax and get some fresh air. Please follow the government’s social distancing guidance by keeping two metres apart from other people.

As the government begins to ease the lockdown, some park facilities are now open. Users are responsible for their own hygiene and should wash their hands before and after using park facilities, and be alert to avoid any touch points (e.g. hand rails and gates) where possible. This list is being reviewed and may change at short notice.

Park facilities which are open

  • Multi-use game areas (MUGAs)
  • Car park at Sale Water Park
  • Bowling greens can be used, but bowling pavilions remain closed
  • Tennis courts
  • Pitch and Putt at Woodhey’s Park – To minimise the spread of coronavirus, the Pitch and Putt will remain unmanned. This means the facility will temporarily be free of charge. Residents wishing to play, will need to bring all of their own equipment (golf clubs, golf balls etc.)

Park facilities which remain closed

To help you and your family stay safe, some park facilities remain closed until further notice. Please understand this decision is necessary to help encourage social distancing, protect the vulnerable and minimise the spread of coronavirus.

  • All children’s play areas
  • Outdoor gyms
  • All bowling pavilions remain closed as well as pets corners
  • All climbing walls
  • Public toilets

Where these facilities are gated, these will be locked and should not be used.

Please follow this advice

  • Only use the park facilities which are open, including the multi-use games areas and bowling greens.
  • Sanitation and cleaning of touch points in parks is being reviewed to help minimise the spread of coronavirus. Where possible, avoid touching fixed objects such as hand rails and gates
    • You should continue to take simple steps such as washing your hands regularly. It is important at this time for us all to follow good hygiene practices by washing our hands with soap and water often - use hand sanitiser gel or wet wipes if soap and water are not available
  • We will try and cut the grass but it may not always be possible. Do not contact us about the length of the grass in parks
  • Continue to use the litter bins. We are still emptying them as normal. If you see a full litter bin, please report it, or contact us on 03330 035865
We encourage everyone to follow government guidance on minimising mass gatherings or events and ask that you follow these in our parks and green spaces. If visiting a park with friends or family, please remember that groups of no more than two people are allowed unless you are from the same household, and you should keep two meters apart from each other. This guidance is under review and may change following the latest government advice.