Adopt a tree

Trafford Council and Red Rose Forest are working together on a project called Green Streets to bring greenery to the streets of Trafford.

As part of the Green Streets Project we would like to offer residents with the opportunity to adopt their own street tree on the pavement outside of their house or a suitable commemorative tree to be planted within a park or open space.

For a cost of between £70 and £90 (dependant on choice of species) residents will receive:

  • A tree of your choice from a vast list of appropriate tree species.
  • A tree adoption certificate.

Adopted street trees will also be registered on Trafford Council's tree database along with the tree's details.

How do I go about adopting a street tree?

The first step is to complete our online tree adoption form. A member of our team will then contact you to arrange a site inspection and discuss detailed arrangements in relation to costs and the time and date of planting.

By adopting a street tree, you will be making a valuable contribution to your local and global environment.

Can I choose my own tree?

The majority of the trees offered are ornamental species, which are appropriate for street planting as they do not grow excessively high and do not have aggressive root systems.

We will carry out the planting and aftercare of the trees. The trees will be heavy standards, which are approximately 3 metres tall, and due to their size will form an impressive tree within a short period of time.

Supplied in 65-120 litre pots, dependant on the choice of tree, the trees are provided with a protective tree guard to prevent vandalism, tree stakes to hold the tree stable until the root system has become established.