14 acres of sloping parkland surrounded by a well developed residential area overlooking Broadheath and surrounding area.


  • Four Tennis Courts
  • One Bowling Green
  • Trim Track
  • Pets corner
  • Junior and Infant Play Areas
  • Public Toilets including Disabled Toilet

Items of Interest

Some of the animals at the Pets Corner include rabbits, finches, cockatiels and guinea pigs. There are also Formal gardens.

Friends Group

A Friends of John Leigh Park has recently been set up involving the local community in various activities and fundraising events to contribute to the continued success and protection of this valuable local asset. For more information on the Friends of John Leigh Park please use contact us.


In 1916 after many years of being left empty Oldfield Hall was pulled down. At this time the district council had considered purchasing the land and utilising it for housing. Deterred by the cost they hesitated in coming to a final decision. The future of the land mainly came down to the generosity of Mr John Leigh of Beech Lawn, Altrincham. Who in 1917 purchased the land and presented it to the council as a district park. The council accepted the gift and now had the land in which Oldfield Hall was once situated renamed John Leigh Park.