King George V Pool

The pool is approximately 150 metres long with an area of 2.5 acres and is fed from and discharges to Timperley Brook. A footpath runs around the pool and the area is landscaped with a mix of ornamental and native trees and shrubs.

Fishing Facilities

The site is currently a very good fishery with species of carp, roach, bream and perch; it is regularly used by anglers. The charges for angling are as follows:

  • Adult £2
  • Child £1
  • Leisure Pass holders - Free
  • Night fishing by permit only

Friends Group

King George V Pool is widely used and appreciated by the local community. The Friends of King George V Pool are actively involved in the decision making and management of the pool. They work closely with Trafford Council and various other organisations such as RSPB and Environment Agency.


King George V Pool is a small artificial lake which was constructed in 1910 - 1911 to celebrate the coronation of King George V. The Pool was given as a gift to the people of Altrincham by Lord Stamford in memory of the reign of King George V.

The opening ceremony was brief and simple, lead by the Bishop of London on 6 August 1938. The town band played and a large crowd of people gathered. Lord Stamford said 'it is always a quiet and pleasant place' the people who maintained the pool hoped the public would take an interest in the pool's bird life. Swans, moorhens and gulls visited in large numbers and they wanted to encourage as many varieties as they could.