Walking to school

The school run is responsible for a fifth of the traffic on our roads each morning, so it is important that Trafford Council encourages walking to school to minimise the impact of traffic. Walking helps cut harmful emissions and is free, healthy and fun - helping children arrive at school alert and ready to learn.

Walking buses

A walking bus is a great way for children to get to school. Volunteer ‘bus’ drivers collect children from a meeting point and walk them to school as a group. Trafford supports walking buses by providing high visibility vests to participants, risk assessing routes and helping plan and promote the buses to pupils and parents.

If you are interested in setting up or taking part in a walking bus, please contact your school.

School travel maps

Trafford has produced a travel map for each of its secondary schools, which show the school and its immediate surrounding streets, with details of the nearby bus, train and metrolink stops, cycle routes, footpaths and pedestrian crossing points.

The maps also provide further information such as bus service numbers and details of cycle storage facilities at school. Each secondary school has copies of the maps, which have written information about public transport, walking and cycling routes, as well as ticketing options and further transport links.

Please get in touch with the relevant school for a copy of their map.

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