Trafford's Mayor celebrates national honours recipients

The grandeur of Trafford Town Hall's committee rooms was the location for a special reception last week, hosted by Trafford's Mayor, Cllr Judith Lloyd.

The work of 13 local people, all of whom had one thing in common - having received a CBE, OBE, MBE or BEM within the past two years - was recognised and celebrated at the event. Also in attendance were Trafford Council Leader, Sean Anstee, members of Trafford Council's Honours sub-committee and eight guests.

Speaking at the event, Cllr Lloyd said across the Borough there are many hundreds of people who are all working hard, giving of their time and knowledge, to help and support others, make lives better and more enriching and give people opportunities they would not otherwise have had.

"Receiving such an honour is a unique way the country can recognise and acknowledge the significant contribution and extraordinary efforts people go to for their communities or organisations they work for.

For those who, having had their nominations rigorously scrutinised and evaluated, are fortunate enough to receive the letter through the door telling them they are to be honoured, it is a huge moment of pride. Here in Trafford we are delighted to have so many people for whom this has happened and it is important and a privilege to be able to mark their achievements formally here today.

In whatever area or way they have committed their time to helping make a difference, it is right and proper that locally we take a moment to reflect on just how their dedication has influenced and improved the lives and opportunities of so many. I extend not only my personal thanks and respect to them all, but that of the Council and all our local communities."

While anyone can submit a nomination to Government, given the close scrutiny and consideration given to each one, the Council is keen to offer advice, guidance and support to help anyone wishing to submit a nomination.

By ensuring nominations include the most compelling, detailed and relevant information to enable the case to be considered fully and in context by Government and the Independent Sector committees, the Borough will stand the best chances of securing even more future local Queen's Honours recipients.

Further information can be found via the links below.

Alternatively interested residents can contact the Greater Manchester Lieutenancy Office for help on Honours, Awards and Messages from The Queen, at

The Lieutenancy Office
Gaddum House
Great Jackson Street
Manchester M15 4AX
Tel: 0161 834 0490

Posted on Monday 20th February 2017