New planning guidance and revised boundary adopted for South Hale Conservation Area

Trafford Council has adopted new planning guidance and revised the boundary for South Hale Conservation Area.

This is the final of 21 Trafford Conservation Areas to have its boundaries reviewed and adopt a Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) and Conservation Area Appraisal Management Plan (CAMP). It is part of programme which began in 2014, to review all Trafford’s Conservation Areas against revised guidance produced by Historic England.

The Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) is a concise description of the Conservation Area and highlights those elements of the historical, architectural and natural environment that contribute to the special interest of the area.

The Conservation Area Management Plan is the next step after the character statement and provides guidance through policy statements to assist in the preservation and enhancement of the Conservation Area. Together the documents provide guidance for property owners or occupiers to ensure historic features are protected and/or enhanced within the conservation area. Guidance is also given for owners who want to make changes to their properties.

The CAA proposes fairly extensive boundary changes both in terms of additions to the centre and north of the area e.g. Hale Cemetery and Ollerbarrow Road, and deletions, mostly to the south around Carrwood and south west around Broadway and Broad Lane . Further details on the changes are explained fully in the CAA.

The changes have been done to consolidate the Conservation Area’s core, emphasising the main character as Edwardian/Victorian residential. The areas excluded do not reflect this character strongly enough, contain many modern buildings and were considered to dilute the historic character of the rest of the Conservation Area.

The CAA was subject to three separate consultations over the last 18 months, with further changes to the boundary made following comments received from the initial consultation, and additional survey work done as a result. The Management Plan was subject to two rounds of consultation. All comments received were assessed and several changes made in response to these. These can be read in more detail in the Consultation Statement available online via the address below.

The Conservation Areas boundary has been revised as part of a programme to review all of Trafford’s Conservation Areas against revised guidance produced by Historic England.

Under (Section 69(2) of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990) Local Authorities must review their Conservation Areas from time to time. The programme started in 2014 and with the adoption of South Hale is now complete.

The documents are also available for public inspection:

Any queries on this information should be forwarded to the Council’s strategic planning team by email:, or by post: c/o Strategic Planning, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, M32 0TH.  Alternatively they can telephone 0161 912 3149.

Posted on Tuesday 18th April 2017