New Sport and Physical Activity strategy

Trafford Council has launched its new Sports and Physical Activity Strategy which sets out its bold ambition to get every resident in Trafford moving more, every day.  

The strategy - Trafford Moving - supports the Council’s 2031 Vision of making Trafford a national beacon for sports, leisure and activity for all, by investing in leisure facilities across the Borough and encouraging more people to get involved in physical activity.

Being inactive is a major health issue which can lead to obesity, heart disease and is linked to several types of cancer. Currently, 24.3 per cent of Trafford residents are inactive, which means they do 30 mins of activity or less a week.

By creating better spaces and places to be physically active and attracting key sports investment into the Borough, the Council aims to make Trafford a place where residents start well, live well and age well by being more active.

Joanne Hyde, Corporate Director - Resources, said: "The launch of our Sports and Physical Activity Strategy is for the benefit of our local communities. We want Trafford to be the most physically active place to live nationally, and our strategy sets out our commitment to this aim. We are also very proud of the many sports clubs and associations that are based in Trafford and the work of the many volunteers in these organisations that provide opportunities for people of all ages to move more."

For more information on the Sports and Physical Activity Strategy visit the Trafford Partnership website.

Posted on Tuesday 10th April 2018