Council and CCG integration brings a new joined-up approach to health and wellbeing in Trafford

Trafford Council and NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will officially come together on 1st April to combine their social care and health expertise for the benefit of the Borough’s residents.

Known as ‘Trafford Together for Health and Social Care’, the organisations will work through an integrated single management team and single strategic commissioning function.

The aim is to create a new organisation model that focuses on early help and prevention to ensure the health and wellbeing of Trafford’s population is the best it can be.

By bringing together the two organisations, health and social care expertise, knowledge, skills and finance functions, we will deliver Trafford’s Locality Plan in a more joined up way.

To fully integrate both organisations, work has begun to align and integrate corporate support services such as finance, property management, ICT, governance and Human Resources.

The financial benefits from integration include greater efficiency in the commissioning of services and reducing complexity and waste in the current system.

Theresa Grant, Chief Executive at Trafford Council, will assume the role of Accountable Officer at the CCG from 1st April, heading up a joint Executive structure that will lead on the commissioning and delivery of all health and social care services in Trafford.

She said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together two organisations to enable us to deliver better and more joined up services for all of our residents.  We will design new models of care that focus on both individuals and family wellbeing, while at the same time supporting our fantastic health and social care professionals to be the best they can be.

“The general public, patients and service users will not see major changes on 1st April, but we believe by having a more joined-up approach to the health and wellbeing of every individual in the borough we will fulfil the aims of the Trafford Vision 2031 pledge of  ‘No-one held back and no-one left behind’.”

Matt Colledge, the CCG’s Chair, said: “There is a clear and ambitious commitment by the partners in this integration to commission excellent quality health and social care services that reflect the needs of Trafford’s communities.”

Sean Anstee, Leader of Trafford Council, said: “We are clear that improving the health and wellbeing of our families in Trafford is of paramount importance and this integration will help us to see significant progress towards that aim. Trafford is aiming to be a national beacon for sport and physical activity for all and that’s why we are investing in our leisure and outdoor spaces and working hard to improve the general health of our population with enhanced GP practices across the borough making sure our residents have all they need to live well.”

Posted on Wednesday 28th March 2018