Fostering in Trafford - Think You Can't? Think Again

Trafford Council is shattering the myths about fostering to help local children and young people find loving homes.

The local authority is highlighting during Fostering Fortnight – a national celebration of fostering - that single people, same-sex couples, older people and those who don’t own a property can all be foster parents for boys and girls in the borough.

Trafford Council already has a network of more than 80 hard-working foster carers, which has helped provide homes to around 140 children in the past 12 months.

But there is a need for more people to become foster carers, with more than 300 children in care in our borough.

As well as being emotionally rewarding, fostering is a great career with good financial support and training. Experienced “Fostering Plus” carers are paid a retainer and have a guaranteed income. 

Jill Colbert, Corporate Director, Children, Families and Wellbeing, said: “Many people are interested in fostering, but wrongly think for one reason or another they are not suitable.

“We want this campaign to be a myth-buster. If you think you could give a child or young person in Trafford a loving home and security, please don’t miss this opportunity, which could transform your life and the lives of young people.”

Single mum Fran, from Trafford, has been fostering for eight years and currently fosters three teenage lads. She also has an adopted son and a birth son too.

She said: “I just went for it. I’m a positive thinker and knew I wanted to nurture more children after I’d had my son.

“I love telling people how great fostering is. I love hanging out with the boys, having banter. It’s a really nice, busy household.”

Children become looked after by Trafford Council for many different reasons. For example, while family issues are being resolved, because of family illness when the parents have no other support available, and to safeguard the child from emotional, sexual or physical abuse or neglect.

Trafford Council has also launched a campaign, with the message “Think you can’t foster? Think again”. The campaign is being promoted on social media and posters across the borough.

If you are interested in fostering, or would like to find out more, call 0161 912 3558 for an informal chat or email or go to

Alternatively, have a friendly chat with the fostering team at one of its monthly events. The next one is on Thursday, 28 June, at 5pm at Trafford Town Hall, Room 6, Talbot Road, Stretford, M32 0TH.


Five facts about fostering in Trafford

  1. We have some highly-educated care leavers in Trafford. There are 15 care leavers in Trafford are currently in Higher Education including University.
  2. We provide excellent training and support - 94% of our foster carers said that they receive good training and support from us.
  3. We match our children very carefully with our foster carers - 94% of our foster carers say that they are well matched with the children they care for.
  4. We work hard to keep brothers and sisters together; 23 sets of siblings (comprising of 61 individuals) have been kept in placement together in Trafford.
  5. We need carers for children of all ages; 56.66% of children in care are aged 0–12 years old and 43.34% of children in care are aged 13–17 years old.


Posted on Wednesday 23rd May 2018