Trafford Town Hall - Single use plastics

A CAMPAIGN is up and running to make Trafford Town Hall even more environmentally friendly.

The Council is phasing out single use plastics in the building and is asking employees  to do their bit to make the initiative a success.

Staff are being asked to try to avoid bringing single-use plastic bottles into work and consider using reusable coffee cups.

To help with the initiative, the following changes will take place in The Terrace restaurant within the Town Hall:



PLASTIC STRAWS – They will be replaced with recyclable paper ones.

PLASTIC CUPS – They will be replaced by glasses.

SOUP CUPS – They will be replaced by the compostable variety when available.

CUTLERY – Black knives, forks and spoons cannot be recycled so will go.

HOSPITALITY – No single-use plastics will be used.

SANDWICHES – There are also long-term plans to introduce compostable packaging when the industry can supply them.

Additionally, staff who use the Costa Coffee machine can bring their own cup in to get filled up.

And there are also plans to increase the number of recyclable bottle bins throughout the Town Hall. Unfortunately, there will be some small price increases to implement the plans.

The main changes are detailed in a report outlining plans to reduce the use of plastic and improve the environment. It came after a motion put forward by Green Party councillor Geraldine Coggins.  

Councillor Stephen Adshead, portfolio holder for environment, has already banned the use of plastic water cups during all council meetings.

He said: “We are committed to eliminate single-use plastics from the Town Hall. The changes being made in The Terrace will obviously help us to achieve our aims.

"But we want staff to help, too by avoiding using plastic drink bottles and other single-use plastics. We, as a council, are setting the example here.”

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has backed a region-wide campaign to make Greater Manchester the first UK city-region to ditch single-use plastics.

Former Manchester United star Gary Neville, owner of Hotel Football, recently launched a ‘Plastic Free Greater Manchester’ campaign.   

Posted on Monday 1st October 2018