Funerals move into the digital age

MOURNERS can now watch videos of their loved ones during funeral services at Altrincham Crematorium.

Trafford Bereavement Services has introduced high-tech video and music technology following requests from families and funeral directors.

The service, which was introduced earlier this month, means grieving families and friends can remember the deceased at their happiest times and reflect on the memories and the loss.  

Councillor Stephen Adshead, Executive Member for the Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change, said: “After speaking with residents and funeral directors, we have introduced a screen in the chapel which will enable pictures and videos to be shown during a service.

“The pictures can be put together with a favourite piece of music to provide a personal time of reflection.

“We feel this is something that could help family members during their most difficult time and could provide a beautiful backdrop to the service.   

“People can make slideshows to music or play videos. Family living in foreign countries can put together their own eulogies to music and pictures and send them to us. Some people may even wish to film their own goodbyes which we can then use at their funeral service.”

Meanwhile, Trafford Bereavement Services has reviewed service times following conversations with families and funeral directors.

From October 1, the Crematorium will be offering an early morning service time which will benefit from a discounted rate.

As part of the changes, there will also be four 45-minute service bookings available – providing families additional time in chapel. The Crematorium will also offer seven 30-minute booking throughout the day.

For more information on either of the above, please call the Crematorium on 0161 912 1515 or email

Posted on Friday 12th October 2018