Shopkeeper guilty of noise nuisance after allowing dogs to bark at all hours

A shopkeeper who disturbed his neighbours’ peace and quiet by allowing his dogs to bark excessively has been found guilty of causing noise nuisance.

Chaand Anjum, owner of Mecca Food Store on Ayres Road in Old Trafford, was convicted in his absence of five charges of failing to comply with a Noise Abatement Notice at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on Monday November 12.

Trafford Council brought a case against Anjum after neighbours complained of his two Alsatian dogs barking at all hours in the yard behind the shop.

It is the second successful prosecution the Council has brought against Anjum, who was convicted of three other offences of causing a noise nuisance in October 2016. He was previously fined a total of £600, plus costs of £300 and a victim surcharge of £20.

Since 2015 officers had been investigating a number of complaints from six households about excessive barking from two Alsatian dogs that were being kept at Mecca Food Store, 131 Ayres Road.

Following the first conviction, Council officers  continued to receive complaints from local residents of noise caused by barking dogs kept on the premises.  Despite further warning being issued to Anjum, officers went on to collect significant evidence of noise during the early morning and late evening periods that was considered to be in breach of the notice.

Richard Roe, Trafford Council Corporate Director, Place, said: “Magistrates said this was one of the worst examples of neighbour noise nuisance they had come across. The Council is determined to protect its residents from unacceptable levels of noise that disrupt their right to peace and quiet.

"Allowing dogs to bark over prolonged periods of time is not something that people should have to tolerate and the Council will take action against owners who permit this to happen.”


Magistrates adjourned the latest case for sentencing until December 10.

Anyone who is concerned about a noise nuisance that is having a negative effect on their lives should contact the Council’s Regulatory Services on 0161 912 1377.

Posted on Tuesday 13th November 2018