An Interfaith networking event held in Trafford proved to be a huge success

An Interfaith networking event held in Trafford proved to be a huge success.

Around 90 people, some of whom were from faith and religious backgrounds, attended the Trafford Unites Community and Interfaith event at the Limelight Centre in Old Trafford.

The aim of the event, organised by Trafford Council, Near Neighbours and Limelight Old Trafford, was to bring people together, discuss current projects within the community and to gain an understanding of the challenges these communities are facing and how we can overcome them collectively.

Trafford Council Mayor Tom Ross spoke about the benefits of community cohesion and religious leaders discussed the relevance of working together with different faiths and how their religion is contributing towards community cohesion.

The speakers were Rabbi Fabian Sborovsky, Jewish Faith Leader;  Nidhi Sinha, of the Indian Hindu Community; Reverend John Hughes, St Johns Parish; Dr. Nasser Kurdy, from Altrincham Mosque; Sarup Landa, a Sikh Faith Leader and Dr Farshid Taleb, Bahai, from the Community of Trafford.

Joshua Fulcher, Community Cohesion Office for Trafford Council, said:

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who attended the Trafford Unites: Community and Interfaith Networking Event. The audience represented the diversity that we celebrate in Trafford and it was valuable to hear how we can improve community cohesion in the future.

The talks from both religious leaders and local projects were inspiring and showcase some of the great work that is currently happening in Trafford. I can reassure you all that this is not a ‘one-off’ event and we will be releasing some more information in the future about upcoming events.

Three of the projects that were funded through the Trafford Council and Safer Trafford Partnership Community Cohesion Grant showcased their work:  

  • Footlights - Funded £4,997.08 for the delivery of a programme for Trafford Secondary schools focusing on hate crime.
  • Groundwork - Funded £5,100 to establish a young person’s forum for diverse communities in Old Trafford.
  • Caritas - Funded £5,000 for a Community Sponsorship Scheme for refugees project bringing Muslim and Christian Faiths across Old Trafford and Flixton together.

The Community Cohesion Officer is keen to learn about community projects in Trafford. Please contact him at

Posted on Thursday 22nd November 2018