New way to register for an annual pass on Warburton Toll Bridge

Peel Ports has launched a simpler registration method for its Warburton Toll Bridge annual pass. 

Drivers crossing Warburton Toll Bridge can now purchase passes online. It is hoped that by making the process easier, more people will sign up for the annual pass, easing congestion.

This is a result of discussions between Peel Ports, Warrington Council and Trafford Council to resolve concerns about congestion and delays at the bridge, a popular crossing over the Manchester Ship Canal. 

More people purchasing the pass will ease traffic flows by allowing holders to go through the toll without having to pay cash. 

There are future plans, including new turning areas, road resurfacing, an increase in vehicle weight limit, traffic calming measures, strengthening of HGV restrictions and a free flow tolling system using ANPR technology. 

The pass is available from a new dedicated microsite that went live on Monday 28th January.

Mark Whitworth, Chief Executive of Peel Ports said:

It is recognised by all our stakeholders that the more people that have the annual pass, the more it will ease congestion. Therefore, we have launched this new website and a more user-friendly payment system to encourage more people to take up the pass.

Cllr Hans Mundry Warrington Borough Council’s executive board member for highways and transportation, said:

We have been working closely with Peel Ports and Trafford Council on solutions to help ease traffic congestion at Warburton Toll Bridge. This new online system aims to give drivers an easier way to purchase the annual pass. Ultimately, a good take-up of the pass will improve traffic flow, so we hope this new way of registering will be appealing to drivers.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Investment, Regeneration and Strategic Planning, said:

There have been issues with traffic flow in this area for many years. The new pass is an excellent idea and will help to ease congestion. I would urge drivers to sign up to the new scheme.

Peel Ports is continuing to discuss short and long-term improvements to the bridge. 

This week, an online portal is launching that allows the purchase of an annual pass which speeds up traffic through the crossing. The site will also be used for consultation with local residents and stakeholders via a traffic survey and dialogue around planned improvements on the bridge, and to communicate live information about the bridge so that locals can have easy and reliable access to updates.

Due to an Act of Parliament, there is a legal obligation to charge everyone who crosses the bridge, the toll is 12p one-way and 25p for a day ticket. The toll revenue goes towards the maintenance of the bridge, repairs to the carriageway, utilities and services.

Posted on Tuesday 29th January 2019