Council wants your views on proposed new carers strategy

Trafford Council is keen to hear residents’ views on a proposed new carers strategy.

The Trafford Carers, Family and Friends Strategy sets out how Trafford Council, Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group, Trafford Carers Partnership Board and other organisations work together to provide carers with the support they require.

The Council has devised a consultation survey designed to offer carers the opportunity to comment on the strategy and the “what we will do” recommendations that have come out of the strategy.

Cllr Joanne Harding, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Adult Social Care, said:

We would really like to hear what people think of the new strategy and would ask all carers to complete the survey, it should only take 10 to 15 minutes to finish. The responses will give us an idea of what we need to include in the strategy.”

Complete the Trafford Carers, Family and Friends Strategy to give us your views.

The Council is looking for responses by 31 March 2019.

Posted on Wednesday 6th March 2019