£1m investment to help elderly residents to be looked after in their own homes

Homecare transformation

A £1million investment by Trafford Council will transform the way people are looked after in their own homes.

The transforming homecare programme will help people avoid a hospital admission, support people to return home safely after a stay in hospital and help them recover from a period of illness.

New contracts have been awarded to local providers, who will also help reduce loneliness and isolation among elderly residents.

The council is also investing in a Trafford-wide training and development programme so social care workers can improve skills and gain qualifications.

The partnership, which is between Trafford Council, NHS services, local businesses and charities, will also support improvements in pay and conditions for the social care workforce.

Cllr Jo Harding, Trafford Council’s Executive member of Adult Social Care, said:

This is fantastic news for our residents. It’s a priority of the Council that people live well at home. Being able to stay in your own home can make such a difference to your wellbeing and aids recovery. The programme also frees up valuable NHS resources and also invests in our workforce so this is a great deal for everyone.”

Ann Marie Jones, Chief Executive of Age UK Trafford said:

We are really excited by this programme and are thrilled to be involved. We have a long history of collaboration and partnership with the home care sector in Trafford and recognise the importance of the best quality care for people in their own homes. It’s great to be involved in this shared vision for the future, which can only further improve care at home for the people of Trafford”.

Sandy Richards, Director of Absolute Care at Home said:

Absolute Care at Home is a small family business, working in Bowden and Trafford, with a longstanding partnership with Trafford Council. We’re really excited to develop more joined up health and social care provision for Trafford residents, and provide new opportunities for our workforce to develop their skills and learning. Ultimately we hope to support more people to leave hospital safely, recover after an illness or period of ill health and to live well in their own home for as long as possible.”

Chris Hart, executive director of Thrive Trafford, said:

We are extremely excited to be part of the Homecare Transformation Programme in Trafford. Trafford Council’s commitment and investment in transformative services such as homecare will enable us to work innovatively and in partnerships with other agencies and organisations to improve workforce skills, introduce new technologies to support people to live independently at home, reducing hospital stays and improving people’s quality of life and dignity. We are also keen to see homecare as a career choice and to increase awareness of this incredibly important role in our communities, and will be working hard with our partners to increase opportunities for work experience, job opportunities and leadership development. We are proud to be part of the programme and look forward to playing our part in delivering the outcomes and difference this will make.”
Posted on Thursday 3rd October 2019