'Heartfelt thanks' for dedicated care providers in Trafford

Care providers in Trafford have been thanked ‘for providing a vital lifeline’ to residents during the coronavirus crisis.

Cllr Jo Harding, the Executive Member for Adult Services at Trafford Council, has written to all the care providers expressing her gratitude for the work they are doing in this time.

Cllr Harding, who has worked in social care for more than 25 years, praised the staff and management for supporting Trafford residents.

She said:

Thank you all for continuing to help and support people to be in the right place for their care.

You and your staff have faced risks on a daily basis and I recognise just how tough the past few weeks have been. You have faced these challenges with a spirit of compassion, empathy and a genuine ‘can do’ approach.

I value your commitment and dedication and we will continue to support each other and work together as we rise to this challenge. Here in Trafford we will continue to champion Adult Social Care and the challenges that you face on a regional and national level.

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all your staff teams on behalf of myself and Trafford Council. You are all very much appreciated.”

Read the full letter.

Posted on Friday 17th April 2020