Big boost for Trafford as bars and pubs prepare to reopen

Trafford’s economy will receive a huge boost this weekend when the borough’s bars, pubs and restaurants open up after the coronavirus lockdown.

Trafford Council has been helping venues open safely and is delighted to see the borough’s hospitality industry prepare to burst back into life after the lockdown.

Council officers have been issuing help and advice to business owners across the borough ahead of them re-opening on Saturday, July 4. Hundreds of bars and pubs across the borough have specially adapted their businesses to cater for customers in safety and are looking forward to opening their doors once again.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Regeneration, said:

Everyone is delighted that Trafford’s hospitality sector will be re-opening this weekend. To have our bars, pubs, and restaurants open again will be a massive boost to our town centres and to the borough’s economy as a whole.

My heart goes out to the business owners who have been closed since lockdown began and I am hoping that they will be able to recover some of their lost income. It has been a very difficult time for them and I hope the future now looks a lot brighter.

To help with re-opening we will be providing additional space for outdoor eating and drinking on Stamford New Road in Altrincham and Northenden Road in Sale.

Alongside this we will be engaging with businesses and the local community about other options for providing more room for outdoor hospitality in other locations. Where appropriate, we may look at closing roads to support businesses, but only after a period of consultation with bus companies, residents and businesses.”

However, to ensure the pubs and bars stay open, everyone is urged to follow social distancing rules and to stick to the rules which have been brought in by the Government.  People are asked to continue to keep at least 2m apart wherever possible, wash hands, wear face coverings and comply with test and trace measures should they get coronavirus symptoms or become a contact.

Trafford Council will be working closely with Greater Manchester Police this weekend to engage with business owners and ensure customers are safe and enjoying themselves responsibly.

Cllr Wright added:

Trafford Council has spoken with pub and bar owners about their role in ensuring social distancing rules are followed. We also want customers to also follow the rules and enjoy themselves in a safe and responsible manner. The public’s safety is our number one priority. But everyone must please remember to wash your hands, avoid crowded areas and always follow social distancing rules.”

Trafford Council has issued help and guidance to Trafford businesses opening up after the lockdown. There is also Government advice to those who work in or run restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes or takeaways.  Help and advice to those concerned about the effect the Coronavirus had had on their business can be found at

Posted on Thursday 2nd July 2020