Play areas and playgrounds to begin re-opening

Children’s play areas in Trafford will begin to be reopened from Monday (6 July).

The reopening is being done gradually as the equipment and play areas need to be deep cleaned by One Trafford Partnership before they can be reopened. There are more than 80 play areas across Trafford so it will take three to four weeks to open them all.
The following parks will be reopened first. They have been chosen as they are well used and can be accessed across the borough.

North Area – Hullard Park and Longford Park,

West Area – Davyhulme Park and Flixton Park,

South Area – Stamford Park and John Leigh Park,

Central Area – Worthington Park and Walton Park.

The remaining parks will be deep cleaned by and then opened on an area by area basis.

Cllr Liz Patel, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Culture and Leisure, said:

It is fantastic that we are able to open our play areas again.
I would like to thank all the parents and children for being so patient during lockdown. It has been very difficult but we needed to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

If your play area isn’t open immediately, we are grateful for your continued patience as we need to make sure the equipment is cleaned and safe for use.

Once your park is opened, I hope the weather is good and that you all have a wonderful time in the play areas. But please remain responsible, stay socially distant, and both adults and children need to follow good hygiene practices to ensure the play areas can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Once play areas, have been cleaned, there will be signs saying the playground is open for use. However, parks without the signs will still be closed and should not yet be used.

After reopening, play areas will be cleaned as required, especially regular touch points.

The hygienic use of the play equipment in between any cleansing will be the responsibility of the users and it is recommended that any users follow the government guidelines on safe hygiene. This includes washing hands before and after a visit, bringing and using hand sanitiser or wipes for personal use, refraining from touching your face, and bagging and binning any tissues.

Posted on Friday 3rd July 2020