CCTV evidence boosts fight against fly tipping

Since stepping up efforts to reduce fly tipping in the borough with renewed patrols and enhanced use of CCTV, Trafford Council has seen immediate success in apprehending offenders.

Last week the CCTV control room alerted Environmental Improvement Officers to a business owner dumping refuse sacks next to a litter bin in Clifford Ward. Officers were on site within minutes and issued a £200 fixed penalty notice on site. Failure to pay the fine will result in prosecution via the magistrates’ court.

Environmental Improvement Officers were also alerted by the control room to an individual who had discarded the remains of his lunch in a council owned car park, which resulted in an £80 fixed penalty notice.

The Council has a number of fly-tipping cases listed for prosecution in the coming months as a result of the CCTV monitoring of problem sites, and a further 40 cases under investigation, which are expected to result in fixed penalty notices and prosecutions.

Cllr Stephen Adshead, Trafford’s Executive Member for Air Quality, Environment and Climate Change, said:

“Incidences of fly-tipping and littering in Trafford have increased significantly since March, and we are determined to use all the measures we can to put a stop to this blight on the borough.

Our CCTV control centres can now collect evidence in many locations across the borough and anyone considering fly-tipping should be aware that the Council will not hesitate to prosecute, which could lead to fines of up to £50,000 and/or imprisonment.

We appreciate that earlier in the lockdown, disposing of rubbish presented a challenge, but fly-tipping is inexcusable and we urge all residents of Trafford to be respectful of our environment and to dispose of bulky items responsibly.”

If you discover any dumped materials please call 03330 035865 to arrange removal. If you witness anyone fly-tipping or have any information that you think might help us track down a fly-tipper please contact us at

Posted on Tuesday 18th August 2020