Trafford Council issues Coronavirus fines warning

Trafford Council bosses have warned businesses they are breaking the law by allowing people from different households to socialise together inside pubs, bars and restaurants.

The Government has ruled that in areas in Tier 2 people are banned from meeting anyone who is not in their household indoors and will face a hefty fine if they do so.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new three tier system of local lockdown measures last week and placed Greater Manchester in Tier 2 to curb the increasing rise of coronavirus cases in the region. The changes mean the rule of six will now apply in outdoor settings meaning you can meet outdoors – but not indoors – with other households provided there is no more than six people in the group.

Trafford Council’s own enforcement teams have been carrying out daily visits to hospitality venues and are concerned that people from different households are continuing to socialise indoors. They are also worried that some customers are failing to social distance and that others are refusing to wear facemasks indoors.

Cllr Mike Freeman, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Public Safety, Governance and Reform, said:

“We are urging all businesses across the borough to follow the rules on every occasion. The majority of businesses are complying totally but we are told that a small number are allowing the rules to be broken. Remember, you are not allowed to socialise indoors with anyone from outside your household or social bubble and, if you do, you will receive a fine if caught.

Everyone wants to be rid of this virus as soon as possible but the only way to achieve that is to follow the rules at all times. Our staff will be closely monitoring this situation.”

Eleanor Roaf, Trafford Council’s Director of Public Health, said:

“Please protect your health, and those of others by following the rules regarding not mixing indoors, wearing facemasks as much as possible and washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. We are at an extremely important stage in terms of curbing coronavirus at the moment and I would ask everyone please to do everything possible to reduce transmissions. Following the rules and reducing the numbers of positive cases is in everybody’s interests.”

Posted on Friday 16th October 2020