More consistent care for Trafford residents

Trafford residents will experience improvements in the quality of the care they receive in their own home thanks to a new model of homecare.

Trafford Council already works closely with providers to ensure quality care at home but the new model of homecare will ensure residents experience more consistent care, from a small team of people, and by providers who are based in their local community. This will help build better relationships and help people to live well at home for longer.

The Council’s New Homecare Framework, which is being launched on 1 April, means providers will offer rapid support for people leaving hospital or experiencing a crisis, short-term support to regain independence and confidence in everyday tasks, and long-term care and support for those who need it.

All providers will have a Trafford office and will work in specific Trafford neighbourhoods, recruiting locally and developing stronger links with local charities and community groups.

The framework will improve working conditions for carers, rewarding them for the valuable work they do by committing to paying staff at least the living wage, and improving access to training and support so that they want to stay with their employer. This in turn will lead to more consistent care for residents. Providers will also commit to employing at least 50% of their workforce from within Trafford, creating jobs and improving prosperity in Trafford.

Cllr Jo Harding, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Adult Services, said:

Residents already receive excellent care from our providers. But when your relative has just been discharged from hospital or is suffering from dementia, it can be really disconcerting when they receive that personal care from lots of different people.

“This new model of homecare is about making sure residents feel comfortable and improve their wellbeing. We also want their carers to feel valued in their work so they feel more settled and can build relationships with the people they look after.”

Cllr Harding also praised the localised model, which will help residents to feel more connected with the places where they live. It will also help their carers to work more closely with social workers, community nurses and GPs.

Cllr Harding added:

By introducing localised homecare, care providers can work with others in the community to improve the all-round quality of care. Localised working also reduces the amount of time carers spend travelling, so they can spend more time with the people they care for."

The Council is also looking to make better use of assistive technology so that people can continue to live in their own homes. This includes sensors and alerts for falls or to monitor for signs of dementia.

Cllr Harding said: 

This way of working in our communities is about serving our residents better. This will improve the health and wellbeing of our residents and also provide a better quality of support to residents when they need it most. It is also about really recognising social care as a valued career choice by investing in and supporting our workforce.”

Posted on Wednesday 24th March 2021