Residents encouraged to be cautious as restrictions ease

Residents in Trafford are being encouraged to be cautious as the government announces the next step in the roadmap out of lockdown.

From Monday 17 May, people in Trafford will be able to mix indoors for the first time since October, except for Christmas Day, and indoors hospitality can reopen.
People can mix indoors either with one other household of any size, or with up to five other individuals from five different households. People will also be able to meet outdoors in groups of 30 with social distancing in place.

While social distancing will remain in public venues like supermarkets and pubs, people can make their own decision about their close physical contact with family and friends. People are asked to make a decision on whether or not to maintain a two metre distance from their loved ones.

Trafford Council’s public health team recommend this decision is taken based on individual risk. That means thinking about the consequences for you, your family and friends of catching Covid-19. The risk of serious illness is higher for older people, for people with underlying health conditions, or for people who have not been fully vaccinated. While rates have dropped, Covid-19 is still circulating so it is advised that everyone proceeds with caution. Where possible keeping your contacts to a minimum. The less we mix, the less chance there is for Covid-19 to spread.

Hospitality venues will be able to reopen indoors from Monday. Unlike in previous restrictions, there will be no need for customers to order a substantial meal with alcoholic drinks. Venues must continue to provide table service to ensure customers order, eat and drink while seated. Rules on social distancing and mask wearing when stood up remain in place. Indoor entertainment like cinemas, indoor group exercise and all accommodation types can also reopen.

The Council is encouraging all businesses to get prepared by ensuring they are up to date with the latest Covid-secure guidance and have reviewed their risk assessments. Businesses are also asked to encourage their staff to order home testing kits from the government to use twice a week to test themselves for Covid-19. Regular testing of staff reduces the chances of workplace outbreaks which can result in business closing and losing revenue.

Venues are being reminded that mixing outdoors is still much safer than mixing indoors so it is very important all businesses ensure they are well ventilated with windows open where possible to allow sufficient airflow. It is also recommended that pubs and restaurants keep background music at a low level so that people don’t have to shout to be heard, as shouting can increase the spread of the virus.

Businesses should have a QR code on display for customers to check in with using the NHS Covid-19 app. Customers can leave their details on paper if they don’t have the app.

Councillor Mike Freeman, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Covid Recovery and Reform, said:

“We are delighted to see people being able to do more of what they enjoy with more of our local economy reopening.
It has been great to see how residents in Trafford have returned to our high streets to support local businesses. Thank you to everyone who is supporting our businesses to reopen safely and successfully.”

For more information on reopening safely visit the council’s website at

If you would like some support with reopening your business please get in touch, email

Posted on Thursday 13th May 2021